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Wedding Season Skin

The Wedding Season… romantic bliss? Or a confirmation of your single status?

Whatever your RSVP says we’ve got a plus one that has no hold backs….

So you’ve found the perfect dress, a floral number, something summery yet sophisticated, long enough for the church and short enough for the groomsmen. But now comes the second problem, how to wear your makeup in a way that looks fresh faced and flawless during the day, yet continues to smolder when the sun goes down.

So how is it done? How do we make dewy durable? Without missing out on the champagne reception in the bathroom and still being able to shut our ever-so-beautiful, yet, ridiculously-overpriced clutch?

Well here’s how in three simple P’s:

  1. Prep

  2. Precision

  3. Packing

Prep: The best way to beat the heat is to scotch guard your face. No not literally, but wearing a primer or base under your makeup is the sure-fire way to make it stay. The base used on the model is ‘Le Blanc de Chanel Sheer Illuminating Base’ by Chanel. However, a great high-street alternative is ‘Photoready perfecting primer’ by Revlon. Another great tip is to use a cream blush on top of the foundation and to set this in place with a powder blush over the top; this will add depth to the colour of your cheeks.

Precision: Nobody wants to be the one to miss out on the action because they are too busy in the bathroom layering on their evening look. So keep it simple. All you need to transform a look from day to night is a flick of liner on the top of your eye lid, and to pucker up your pout with a nude lipstick in exchange for your lip gloss. With a flick over your eye and a dab on your lip you’ll be ready to dance the night away.

Packing: Pack light, with your primer in place you will not need to re-touch your foundation. With a few small staples you can take this look from the church, to the champagne, right through to the Karaoke classics. All you’ll need is: powder, eye liner, lipstick, and blush... definitely

still enough space in there for a room key and a few girlie safety measures.

So there it is, all you need it to remember the three P’s to enjoy the wedding season fancy-free…

Product list in order of application:

  • Frankincense Nourishing Cream- Neals Yard

  • Le Blanc de Chanel Sheer Illuminating base- Chanel

  • Bobbi Brown Second Skin foundation with (SPF 15 Beige 3)- Bobbi Brown

  • Touché Eclat- YSL

  • Matte Bronzing powder MAC

  • Blusher:

  • Cream: Pot Rogue (Power pink 6)- Bobbi Brown

  • Powder: (Dusty Pink)- Ben Nye

  • Brows a-go-go- Benefit

  • Paint Pot (Groundwork)- MAC

  • Eye shadows MAC :

  • Naked Lunch

  • Charcoal Brown

  • Eye Kohl- Teddy MAC

  • Mineralise Skin finish Natural Powder MAC

  • Mascara: Telescopic L’Oreal (Noir/ Black)

  • Day lips: Rose Lip gloss- Neal’s Yard Remedies

  • Evening lips: MAC lipstick (Half ‘N Half)

Model: Daisy Steinberg



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